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X "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Anon;
The challenge for #India today is a slow Judicial system, and an even worse Police system.
All Govt organisation, the babu at the table is under-paid, and over-bribed.
This needs to change. You can't get a birth certificate, or a death certificate, unless you bribe someone.
YES you can sit on a dharna or a fast and nothing will happen. The system needs a change. And someone needs to speakup for that change.
I invite you all to voice your concerns and be the carrier of that change.
Every fire starts with a tiny spark!
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Citizen-Journalist India

Citizen Journalist in India

Citizen Journalism in India has evolved by miles where every Urban and almost every rural Indian has a phone. Numerous crimes have been reported via amateur footage.

May it be a whistle blower with a just attitude or a passer by who sees something wrong happening.

It offers citizens a voice to express their opinion on issues and problems around them and share their stories and concerns in society, to the public at large.

It means non-professionals or normal citizens playing an active role in the process of reporting news and stories which effect their everyday life.

In recent times we have seen good many stories come out just because some one with the right mind and conscience had the courage to click a photo, or take a video of something wrong hapenning.

We at Citizen Journalist India salute these souls and encourage others to upload and share their own stories.

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